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Apple removes the flaw that hacked the iPhone, NSO group is being told behind the hacking

America’s giant tech company Apple has fixed the security flaw in the iPhone, that is, hackers could hack the iPhone and other Apple devices without the users. In fact, researchers at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab said that this security lapse was exploited to spy on the iPhone of a Saudi Arabian worker. He told that he has full confidence that the world’s most notorious hacker company, Israel’s NSO Group, is behind this attack.

There was a problem with this device
Researchers said that this security flaw was in Apple’s popular devices such as iPhone, iPhone Max, Apple Watch. The NSO Group issued a statement saying it would continue to provide devices to fight “terror and crime”. At the same time, in a blog post, Apple said that it is releasing security updates for iPhone and iPad because their phone could be hacked from a suspicious PDF file.

this is the case
Researchers found a suspicious code on September 7 and immediately reported it to Apple. This was the first time that the abuse of so-called “zero-click” was detected, which does not require the user to click on suspicious links or hacked files to open them. Citizen Lab had previously found evidence of ZeroClick being misused to hack the phones of Al-Jazeera journalists and others.

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