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Apple suddenly revealed new features on iOS 15?

Thursday, May 20, 2021 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

Apple rarely discusses anything it’s working on until it’s ready to release. However, recently the company has suddenly revealed new features, most likely to appear on iOS 15.

It is expected that the first iOS 15 beta version will be introduced at the WWDC 2021 event in the next few weeks.

Apple says the new features in iOS 15 are designed to help people with disabilities (no mobility, low vision, poor hearing, and cognitive problems) use the device. More comfort, improved quality of life.

The first feature mentioned is AssistiveTouch on watchOS, allowing Apple Watch users to easily control the device without having to touch it. With built-in motion sensors, optical heart rate sensors, and machine learning, Apple Watch can detect movements, allowing you to navigate with hand gestures.

Apple also supports third-party eye-tracking devices, allowing users to control the tablet with their eyes. The new features will be available to both iPhone and iPad users.

VoiceOver, Apple’s screen reader, will also get an upgrade later this year. This tool helps to provide more information about the image on the screen, including people, text, data… It can even describe the position of a person or object in the image.

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In addition, Apple has added a number of two-way hearing aids to the support list.

“With these new features, we look forward to bringing joy and improving lives for many,” said Sarah Herrlinger, senior director of Global Access Policy and Initiatives at Apple.

Apple doesn’t actually mention iOS 15 or iPadOS 15, but says that all the new features will be available “later this year”. It is expected that the official version of iOS 15 will be released with the new iPhone in September, however, the beta version will be available soon in the next few weeks (around June).

Currently, Apple has released the iOS 14.7 beta 1 update, interested readers can experience it by accessing Settings – General – Software update – Software update – Download & Install (download and install).

Note, before updating the operating system, users should back up all data on iPhone, iPad via iTunes or iCloud to minimize possible risks.


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