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Aprillia eSR2 – street electric scooter for 657 USD

Aprillia’s standing scooter model uses 10-inch diameter wheels, electric motor for the ability to move 25 km.

Aprillia eSR2 is the result of cooperation between Aprillia and MT Distribution, a company specializing in providing mobility products using electric motors in urban areas, based in Italy.

Urban electric vehicle model eSR2. Photo: Aprilia

The entire frame of Aprillia eSR2 is made of aluminum alloy. The front wheel is equipped with a shock absorber system to help eliminate the reaction from the road surface to the steering wheel when moving. The car has LED headlights and rear signal lights. A 3.5-inch screen between the steering wheel displays basic information about speed and time.

Aprillia eSR2 uses a 350 W brushless electric motor. The battery pack has a capacity of 288 Wh that allows a distance of 25 km after each full charge.

To manage the vehicle, an integrated application designed by Italdesign, the leading company in Italy specializing in providing mobile services. With the application available on Google Play and App Store, users can easily install in the phone to manage the vehicle and use support services via WhatsApp.

Thanks to this application, the driver can easily update continuously the battery status, distance traveled and manage the moving position of the vehicle.

Aprillia eSR2 is currently sold in Europe for $ 657.

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