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Are going to reset the smartphone so keep these important things in mind

Nowadays complaints of smartphone hangings have become very common. People are starting to use whatsapp more, due to which hundreds of photos and videos are introduced daily, the internal storage of the phone starts increasing and the phone starts hanging. In such a situation, people randomly factory reset the phone and all the data gets deleted. In such a situation, we are telling you that if you are going to factory reset your smartphone, then it is important to consider what. One small mistake can damage your phone.

Reset phone becomes new
Before resetting your smartphone to factory, know that it will delete your phone’s entire data. With apps, the existing apps, data, settings, passwords in the phone will be deleted. After the factory reset your phone will be exactly like it is new. Not only this, if you have made some important settings then it can also go.

Take backup before resetting the phone
Whenever you reset your smartphone to the factory, then before that, backup the necessary data of the phone. You can save your data by connecting it to another smartphone or laptop. Apart from this, you save your data in memory card. After this, go to Settings and save your phone’s data in the memory card as a backup.

How to reset your phone
Remember that the operating system of every smartphone is different and hence resetting every phone also has different settings. So to reset the phone, go to its settings, go to the privacy or backup and reset option and select the factory reset. Your phone will be reset. It is believed that by repeatedly resetting the phone to the factory, the internal storage will be affected incorrectly. Therefore, reset the factory only when it is very important.

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