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Are you also not drinking chemical tea? Know the purity of tea leaves like this sitting at home

Sometimes synthetic dyes are used in the preparation of tea leaves, which are not good for health.

Everyone likes tea. What to say if you get hot tea on cold days? All varieties of tea are found in India, such as black tea, masala tea, lemon tea etc. Many people also consume green tea to keep the body healthy. But do you know that the tea leaves you are consuming are not adulterated? Is there any harmful chemical or any other thing found in it, which can harm your health?

Recently, Tea Board India has alerted people about adulterated tea leaves. According to the board, tea leaves painted with chemicals have become common in the market. Sometimes synthetic dyes are used in the preparation of tea leaves, which are not good for health. There have also been reports that Bismarck Brown, Potassium Blue, Turmeric, Indigo etc. are being used to give color and luster to tea leaves. Overall, the issue of adulterated tea leaves is very serious and it is also dangerous from the health point of view. The Tea Board, citing the rules of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, has said that any product should be free from foreign colors and harmful substances.

How to detect adulteration in tea leaves? Sakina Dewan, a dietitian at Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai, says that the value of tea depends on the quality of its leaves. When you buy tea, then only by looking at it, smelling and feeling it, its quality can be recognized in a nutshell. According to Dr. Sakina, the size and color of the tea leaf should always be tested. Hand-plucked leaves are good because they do not break and retain their shape. After making tea, make sure that the color of the tea is bright red and golden. If it turns dark brown then the quality of the leaves is not good.

Tips given by FSSAI: The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has also become alert after the case of adulterated tea leaves came to light. The institute has given tips to check the quality of tea leaves at home. By which you can easily find out whether the tea you are drinking is adulterated or not.

How to check at home: First of all take a filter paper and spread tea leaves on it. Add some water to moisten the filter paper. After a while wash the paper by keeping it under tap water. Now look at the spots on the filter paper by keeping them upside down in the light. Unadulterated tea leaves will not leave any stain on the filter paper. Whereas adulterated tea leaves will leave a dark brown spot on the paper.


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