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Arya Rajendran became mayor at the age of 21, from Adani to Kamal Haasan

Arya Rajendran: Arya Rajendran, 21 years old, has become the youngest mayor of the country. He has been elected to the post of Mayor from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. Let me tell you that he got 54 votes including Independents from the 100-member Municipal Corporation. In this election, the CPI (M) -led Left Democratic Front got 51 seats, BJP 34 and UDF 10 seats. After this stunning victory, Arya is getting good wishes from Kamal Haasan to Adani.

What does Arya do? Arya, who became Mayor at the age of just 21, is a second year student of BSC Maths Graduation course. She has always been very active in politics. According to media reports, even today, he is a member of the State Committee of the Student Federation of India. Apart from this, there is also Kerala President of Balsangam, let us tell you that Balsangam is the children’s wing of CPM.

What parents do – Arya’s father is an electrician by profession. His mother is an LIC agent. According to his close relatives, his parents are very happy when Arya becomes the mayor. It is being told that his parents did not expect that the daughter would achieve such a big position at such a young age. According to the news, Arya’s success makes her parents feel proud of her.

Congratulations to the second richest person of the country – Gautam Adani, the second richest person in the country, tweeted and congratulated Arya at the age of 21. He tweeted, ‘Congratulations to Thiruvananthapuram and India’s youngest Mayor Arya Rajendran. In this way, young leaders shape political paths and inspire others to follow. This is incredible India.

Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan also tweeted and congratulated Arya on this big win. He wrote, ‘Heartfelt congratulations to Comrade Arya Rajendran for being elected as the Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram at a very young age. Even in Tamil Nadu, “Mother Force” is preparing for change. “

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