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“As long as North-South inequalities persist, the Covid virus will continue to kill and mutate”

How was the Covax initiative born to vaccinate southern countries?

Initial discussions began between Richard Hatchett [le directeur exécutif du Cepi, la coalition pour les innovations en matière de préparation aux épidémies, NDLR] and myself, in Davos, the last week of January 2020, as information on the epidemic was starting to become known. We continued to work on the concept of Covax and when, in April 2020, the Act-A device to accelerate access to tools to fight against Covid was launched, Cepi and Gavi were appointed as co-leaders of its pillar vaccines. On June 4, 2020, Gavi announced the launch of the Gavi Covax AMC Market Guarantee, the funding tool to facilitate access to vaccines for low-income countries.

How does its governance work?

Covax is a network of actors working together to provide a complete, end-to-end vaccine solution. She is co-led by Cepi, Gavi and the World Health Organization (WHO), who work in partnership with UNICEF for implementation, with governments and vaccine manufacturers in developed and developing countries, as well as ‘with the World Bank and others.

Is this an unprecedented initiative?

This is the largest vaccine distribution in history: Covax delivered 7 times the volume, 2.5 times faster to 4 times more countries than last H1N1 pandemic, in 2009. In this way

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