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Aspire to the Greens, monitor Montebourg, reassure the laity… The 12 works of candidate Mélenchon for 2022

He returns to the countryside, battered like never before but still standing. At 69, Jean-Luc Mélenchon announced this Sunday evening on TF1 that he was officially a candidate for the presidency of the Republic, with the dream, like his mentor François Mitterrand before him, that his third attempt will be the right one. It’s a funny timing to start, between the health crisis, the terrorist attacks and the election of Joe Biden. But the leader of the rebellious likes long campaigns and got used to the idea that there wouldn’t be a good time. “When everything is going badly and it seems like a dark night for many people who do not find their account in the brutality of this society, we must turn on a light so that we say that there is an end to the tunnel” , he announced. In his tunnel, the obstacles are numerous, the task almost Herculean. He will have to pierce the wall of the Covid which renders the opponents inaudible, unite his own, convince the voters of the moderate left, win back the laity, tame the ecologists, ward off the ghosts, or even make people forget the devastating images of the search … Mission impossible ? “There is a mouse hole”, he repeated over the past few weeks. Here are 12 works by candidate Mélenchon.

1 / Choose your line

The union of the left Mitterrand way, the populist refrain of ” Let them all go “, both of them ? Which line will choose “JLM” this time? Since this summer, he has multiplied the signs of opening. He took over the

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