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At the “mass for France”, prayers for Emmanuel Macron

The vicar of Rome, Cardinal Angelo de Donatis assured Monday, December 14, to pray regularly for Emmanuel Macron. During a Mass for France, celebrated at the Basilica of Saint John Lateran, in Rome, he spoke of his ” beautiful encounter “ with the French President, when he came in 2018 to take possession of his title of honorary canon of the Roman basilica. “I continued to pray for him”, assured the Italian cardinal at the end of his homily, after having spoken of “The unforeseeable action of God in the life of men”.

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In front of several ambassadors, including those from the United States, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Great Britain or Bulgaria, who came to attend this Mass, all placed on chairs spaced one meter apart to respect health protocols, the celebrant also called to pray for France.

“For the happiness and prosperity of France”

At the start of the ceremony, Bishop Patrick Valdrini, Canon of the Lateran, also mentioned the “Victims of terrorist acts”, including those who were assassinated in the Basilica of Nice on October 29.

The annual Mass “for the happiness and prosperity of France” is celebrated each year in the Basilica of Saint John in Lateran, the Pope’s cathedral, in Rome. Always celebrated around Saint Lucia (December 13), its origin dates back to King Henry IV, born December 13, 1553 in Pau.

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In 1604, the king wanted to mark the resumption of dialogue between France and the papacy by donating the abbey of Clairac (Lot-et-Garonne) to the chapter of the Lateran. In gratitude, the king – and all the French heads of state after him – received from “First and only honorary canon of the major archbascilicus of Saint-Jean-de-Latran”, the chapter committing to celebrate each year on the anniversary of his birth a mass for France.


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