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Audi introduces off-road racing electric car

The off-road model Audi RS Q E-tron will participate in the famous Dakar Rally 2022 race track.

Audi Sport, the sports car division of the German automaker, has unveiled the RS Q E-tron all-terrain electric all-terrain vehicle. In addition to the pitiful beauty, the all-terrain electric vehicle also attracts attention thanks to the new powertrain.

Prototype of the RS Q E-tron electric vehicle in the test phase.

Audi RS Q E-tron is all-electric, including front and rear motors with controls inherited from the 2021 Audi E-tron FE07 on the Formula E track (Formula 1 sports car model but using fully electric motor). However, a TFSI gasoline engine still appears on the new off-road vehicle, but does the job of converting energy to charge the battery when moving.

Audi Sport has developed a 50 kWh battery pack weighing 370 kg for the off-road racing car. The vehicle is equipped with a device that regenerates energy during braking. The total power of the electric motor providing the car is 670 horsepower.

Audi representatives said that the RS Q E-tron will begin testing from July 2021 until the end of the year, helping the Audi Sport department make the final tweaks before bringing the car to participate in the famous off-road racing. Dakar Rally 2022.

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Photo: Audi


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