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Automotive technologies ‘yes or no’

AmericaWhile cars are getting smarter and more modern, some technologies have great names, but are actually pretty useless.

Cruise control or automatic air conditioning are two of the automotive technologies that many drivers love and miss the most, especially when they buy their first car with these features. Over the past century, automotive technology has changed a lot, and modern cars have countless outstanding features, according to a survey of more than 100,000 new car owners by JD Power perform. Research results also show that car brands offer the best technology experience.

In addition, more than 33% of advanced car technology is not touched once during the first 90 days of ownership on average. Many say they don’t need fancy features, like an infotainment system that helps pay for coffee, or driver-passenger communication, or gesture control technology.

The Marketplace app on a GM model allows drivers to buy drinks or pay for gas right in the car. Photo: GM

For example, General Motors (GM) has a name app Marketplace (marketplace) and some tools are based on the infotainment system, where drivers can pay for food and fuel, book a hotel or pre-order for take-out. However, the same features have been adopted by most consumers on mobile phones instead of cars. Up to 61% of new car owners say they’ve never used the Marketplace app, and 51% say they don’t need the feature at all.

NS communication device between driver and passenger also seems overstated, at least according to car owners. These features are typically reserved for full-size vehicles, giving drivers and passengers a tool to help them hear each other better without having to raise their voices while driving. In fact, the Honda Odyssey has CabinTalk, Toyota Sienna calls it Driver Easy Speak, and Cadillac Escalade provides the system Conversation Enhancement. The technology works through the car’s speaker system or through headphones. But at least 52% of new car owners have never tried these features, and 40% say they don’t need them.

Next are features like gesture control on a BMW. Instead of having to reach for the infotainment screen, drivers can raise their hands and select playlists, adjust the volume and more. But the technology also gets users in trouble and is the feature that car owners find the most unsatisfactory.

But there’s still a host of cutting-edge technology that has become a must-have feature for many new car buyers. Two of them are technology that improves visibility.

New car owners said that the rearview mirror with a camera and a rearview camera is the most useful technology. Up to 62% of new car buyers say they want this camera in their next car purchase.

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