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Avoid making these 4 mistakes during breakfast, weight gain will be under control

Weight Loss Tips: Many times obesity is increased due to uncontrolled eating and unbalanced lifestyle. Due to unhealthy diet, not only old people but also teenagers and children are becoming obese. More oil spices and junk food as well as physical inactivity play an important role in weight gain. This increases the amount of cholesterol in the body continuously.

Amid increasing weight, many people will vow to fit with fat in the new year. People often spend hours in the gym to lose weight. But health experts believe that 70 percent of the diet plays a role in the diet of people, while the rest 30 percent of the role is due to physical activity. Breakfast becomes the most important meal of the day which keeps people energetic throughout the day. But some mistakes made during breakfast are responsible for weight gain.

Take Protein Breakfast: Protein intake is important to increase muscle mass. But this is not only its function, but also the contribution of protein in weight loss. People feel full after consuming it. In this way, take high protein in breakfast, which will not only give you nutrition, but there will be no lack of energy throughout the day.

Fruit juice: Fruit juice is beneficial for overall health. But in today’s busy schedule, most people consume packaged fruit juice which can be dangerous. It contains high amount of calories and also high sugar. It is harmful. At the same time, fresh fruit juice also has little fiber. In this case, eating fruits is better than juice.

Choose the right carbohydrate foods: People often avoid carbohydrate-rich foods in order to lose weight. But experts believe that it is necessary to choose the right carbs food. If you eat bread or pancake, change it to oats or seeds. It also contains fiber along with carbs which is effective in weight loss.

Consumption of fats is also important: Some people think that fatty food like carbs also inhibits weight loss. However, people do not feel hungry again by consuming mono-saturated fat-rich food, which prevents people from overeating. In such a situation, people wanting to lose weight should eat foods rich in this fat such as peanut butter, egg yolk, pumpkin and sesame seeds.

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