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Baba Ramdev told these 5 tips to fight the corona virus

The number of corona infects in the country is steadily increasing. This second wave of Corona is taking a gigantic form in India. So far more than 20 million people in the country have been exposed to this dangerous virus. At the same time, more than 2.25 lakh people have lost their lives. Given this serious condition, people need to take more care of their health. Apart from the guidelines issued by the health department, yoga guru Baba Ramdev has given some tips to prevent corona.

In fact, on the show of Deepak Chaurasia, Swami Ramdev said that to protect against corona, conspiracy oil, atomic oil, mustard oil or almond oil should be put in his nose daily. Apart from this, Swasari should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Swasari is consumed according to age. Swami Ramdev told that to avoid corona, coronil medicine should be taken after eating food.

According to the Yoga Guru, if there is more infection in the lungs, then Swasari Gold can be consumed instead of allopathy medicines. It is effective in curing 60 to 70 percent of lung infections. You can also take Ayurvedic medicines in high fever. People are commenting a lot on this video of Swami Ramdev and giving their feedback.

According to Swami Ramdev, apart from these remedies, you can do daily pranayam to protect yourself from corona. You can do yoga regularly like Anulom Antonyms, Kapal Bhati and Surya Namaskar. This not only strengthens the immunity, but can also prevent any disease from falling prey.

Giloy water: According to yoga guru Baba Ramdev, Giloy’s water is very effective to protect it from corona. This Ayurvedic herb is rich in medicinal properties. Giloy protects you from all diseases by boosting your immunity. For this, boil the Giloy in water. Put turmeric, black pepper powder and basil leaves in boiling water. Then take this decoction regularly.

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