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Baba Ramdev was caught in trouble, people thought he was a thief

Baba Ramdev Early Life: These were the last years of the 80s. The date was 4 October. 16-year-old Ramkishan awoke at 4 am. At that time, he was wearing khaki pants – blue shirt or uniform of the school. Silently came out of the house in these clothes. A friend stood on his bicycle at a few steps. Both sat on a bicycle. Ramkishan told the friend that at least leave him so far away that the family could not come back.

The house was left in the dark: The friend left Ramkishan at Nangal Chaudhary. Also gave two pairs of white clothes and some money. This is the story of yoga guru Baba Ramdev, who was known as Ramkishan in his childhood. Baba Ramdev, hailing from Mahendragarh district of Haryana, did not understand so much, but was determined to go to Swami Divyanand’s ashram.

He took a bus from Nangal Chaudhary to Narnaul and reached Delhi from there. Then boarded the bus from Delhi to Haridwar. There was a fear that no one would ask anything, so he sat quietly in a corner in the bus. Even if the bus did not stop for tea and breakfast in the middle.

Roorkee reached Haridwar’s place: In the biography of Baba Ramdev, “Swami Ramdev: a Yogi-a warrior”, senior journalist Sandeep Dev writes that this story was written in his childhood that Baba Ramdev was of a shy nature and was hesitant to ask anyone anything. In the same circle, they reached Roorkee instead of Haridwar. By then it was evening.

He again ran to catch the bus to Haridwar but missed the bus and people told that now the next bus will be received only in the morning. Hearing this, he had tears in his eyes. He continued walking in Roorkee without having eaten anything since morning.

When people started changing clothes, people understood that the thief: Meanwhile, in a colony, he saw an empty plot. Ramdev thought that at least the clothes should be changed. He took off his school uniform and started wearing the white clothes the friend had given him. During this time, someone from the colony saw him changing clothes and thought he was a thief. He started shouting from his balcony. Gradually more people shouted.

Run away after saving life… Baba Ramdev understood that he was trapped and people could beat him. They started running and kept running until they got far enough away. Later, with the help of a shopkeeper, he arrived at a hospice and spent the night there. The next morning, he reached Haridwar by asking. The journey of yoga, Ayurveda and spirituality started from here.


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