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Bahubali Dhananjay Singh is the owner of vehicles like Fortuner, Honda City, his wife has jewelery worth lakhs, gave details of his assets like this

Bahubali MLA Dhananjay Singh, who contested from Malhni seat of Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh, had given details of his assets. In the year 2020, he had assets worth more than 23 crores.

Bahubali leader Dhananjay Singh, who was once MP from Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh, has been declared a fugitive. He is accused of conspiring to kill Ajit Singh, the former senior deputy chief of Mau. This is not the first time that Dhananjay Singh is in the news. Dhananjay, originally a resident of Jaunpur, had contested the by-election on Malhni seat after the death of Samajwadi Party MLA Parasnath Yadav last year. However, in this election he had to face defeat from Parasnath’s son Lucky.

During this by-election, Dhananjay Singh had also given details of his assets in the affidavit. Then he had told that he had total assets of 23 crore 7 lakh 97 thousand 100 rupees. In this, he had 10 thousand rupees in cash and 26 lakh 76 thousand 155 rupees in the bank accounts of the family.

Dhananjay Singh had 8 lakh 1 thousand 177 rupees in his bank accounts. The rest was in a bank account of his wife. According to the information given, he had invested about 1 crore 16 lakh 91 thousand 734 rupees in the stock.

How many cars were there? According to the information given then, Dhananjay Singh’s family had vehicles worth Rs 76 lakh 86 thousand 527. In his name, a Fortuner car worth Rs 31 lakh 23 thousand 44, a tanker worth Rs 11 lakh 63 thousand 483, Baleno car worth Rs 8 and a half lakh, Honda City worth Rs 14 lakh 50 thousand. At the same time, there was a Nissan Sunny car in the name of his wife, which was then priced at Rs 11 lakh.

How much was the jewellery? According to the details given in the affidavit, Dhananjay Singh’s family had jewelery worth Rs 2 crore 30 lakh 66 thousand 495. In this, jewelery worth Rs 68 lakh 66 thousand 495 was in his name, while jewelery worth Rs 1 crore 62 lakh was in his wife’s name. Combining all these things, he had movable assets worth Rs 4 crore 86 lakh 15 thousand 911.

How much was the property? Dhananjay Singh had property worth Rs 18 crore 21 lakh 81 thousand 183. Out of this, property worth Rs 4 crore 71 lakh 81 thousand 183 was in the name of Dhananjay. At the same time, there was a property worth Rs 13 crore 50 lakh in the name of his wife. Apart from this, the family has a debt of Rs 1 crore 71 lakh 76 thousand 494.

Srikalan Reddy became the District Panchayat President: Dhananjay Singh’s wife Srikalan Reddy stood for the Jaunpur district panchayat president. In this he had won. Srikalan got 43 votes out of 83. In Jaunpur, there was a fight between independent Shrikalan Dhanjay Singh, Nishi Yadav from SP, Rita Patel from Apna Dal and BJP rebel Neelam Singh. In this, Srikalan had won.

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