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Beethoven is being murdered

I was happy to watch, on Arte, the retransmission of the 9e Symphony by Beethoven (apotheosis of Beethoven Day), filmed live from the gardens of the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. It begins with majestic images, at sunset, on the gardens in question, like what it is really beautiful. Which I do not deny. But, well, are we here to see the Vienna Symphony Orchestra play Beethoven, or not? And, of course, we see it, directed by the young Karina Canellakis, so expressive, so moving. But it is to immediately set off again in the gardens, the water jets, the play of light, all that, with great zooms. With the added bonus of a visit to the rooms of the museum, while you are there, and stop in front of its most emblematic paintings. Great. But, uh, Beethoven? Well, Beethoven, we finally understand, is nothing more than a stunning soundtrack for this sumptuous tourist brochure (just missing the price list). Comes the last movement, the grandiose Ode to Joy, which gives the thrill. This time, I say to myself, they will remain focused on the musicians, the soloists, the choir, the conductor, to express all the force, all the beauty. Nay! Here we go again for the gardens, the fountains, the play of light (in addition, it is dark). I hadn’t understood that it was “Des roots and wings” (or “Beautiful escapes”) direct from Vienna. They could have said it.


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