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Before leaving PMO, Morarji Desai had tied secret documents, know what was the reason

Morarji Desai, the former Prime Minister of India, had a very short tenure. The Janata Party government, which came to power at the Center due to the opposition of Indira Gandhi, could not even complete its term. In the political corridors, many types of stories are told about Morarji Desai. Now senior journalist Veer Sanghvi has shared an anecdote in his recent book ‘A Rude Life: The Memoir’ before he left the PMO.

Veer Sanghvi has claimed, ‘I used to work for Bombay Magazine in those days. I met Morarji Desai twice. He told me about many candid stories about himself going on in Delhi with many strange fantasies. But once you asked him to say anything on record, he would be completely silent. His facial expressions also became exactly like that of a sanyasi.

He wrote, ‘None of us realized that before he left the PMO, the sannyasin had collected every secret file that he could get into the PMO with his own hands. They had a wealth of secret communications, government files and secret letters, all kept safely, perhaps even documents from the Air India briefcase cases.

Morarji Desai wanted to write a book: Morarji Desai wanted to write a book with the help of these files. In this sequence, he called Arun Gandhi in 1982 and showed him all those documents. All the documents were there. Morarji tells Arun how important these files are. Even Morarji had prepared the theme of the book. He wanted to portray himself in it as a leader following Gandhi’s ideas who went to Delhi to do his duty as Prime Minister.

Morarji Desai wanted the book to show that his wish was thwarted by leaders like Charan Singh and Indira Gandhi. As a story, the book was a very wasteful one, which looked exactly like Amar Chitra Katha to read. She was beyond the truth. But Arun was very clever and knew that these documents had not yet been in the hands of any journalist. So he immediately said yes to it.

The title of the book was decided: After this, once again the old Morarji was seen. He declined to give anything on-record. He said that no document should be mentioned in it. Arun had to tell the story of Morarji Desai exactly like this after which there was no evidence, but he knew everything. Arun was a very good person, so he agreed to do this as well. He even chose the title of the book for Morarji Desai. The title of the book is ‘Morarji Betrayed’

Arun used to come to the office everyday with those documents and all of them were seen by me too. Many documents were even sensational in this. There was also a letter from Ram Jethmalani to Morarji Desai, in which he wrote, ‘Charan Singh has lost his mental balance.’ It was interesting as it provided an insight into the battle within the government.

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