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Benelli Dong – strange electric motorcycle priced at 2,600 USD

IndonesiaAn electric car model introduced at the 2021 international auto show, fitted with a 1.2 kW electric motor with a 1.56 kWh battery, travel range 60 km.

Benelli Dong’s fancy electric motorcycle attracts visitors to the exhibition. Vehicle designed for urban, can seat two people, monoshock suspension front / rear.

Strange electric motorcycle Benelli Dong. Image: Paultan

The Italian motorcycle brand said that Benelli Dong is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 1.2 kW (about 1.6 hp) mounted on the rear wheel, 24.8 Nm of torque, comes with a capacity battery. 1.56 kWh replaceable and removable for charging. The vehicle has a range of up to 60 km per charge, a top speed of 45 km / h and the ability to climb 15 degrees.

The overall design is different with many rounded details, wide legroom with hangers, while the car does not have a trunk under the saddle. Vehicle fitted with digital meters, LED lighting, rear lights with integrated turn signals.

Dong uses a pair of 10-inch rims, equipped with speakers to warn pedestrians. The car is 1,670 mm long, 670 mm wide, 1025 mm high and has a wheelbase of 1,235 mm. Weight 74 kg.

Benelli Dong price from 2,600 USD in the Indonesian market. Indonesia International Motor Show IIMS 2021 (Indonesia International Motor Show) takes place from 15-25 / 4.

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(Image: OtoRider)


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