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Bentley sells limousines for 6 years without customers

All 5 Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousines manufactured by Mulliner branch are for sale worldwide after a few years of lack of customers in the UAE.

In 2015, the British luxury company brought 5 special Mulsanne Grand Limousines to the UAE. But no one seems to want to own because all of them have never been registered and used. Bentley now offers customers worldwide the opportunity to own one of five, or all five.

The Grand Limousine version is 1,000 mm longer than the standard version. Photo: Bentley

Initially, a Mulsanne Grand Limousine was originally produced by private order. But Bentley thought this could be a bargain, so Mulliner was given the green light to build five more cars. All 5 were then sent to the UAE with the certainty of success. But all stayed in place for 6 years.

Compared to a standard Mulsanne, the Grand Limousine is 1,000 mm longer, and 79 mm taller. The back part is for 4 seats facing each other. Luxurious equipment such as mini-fridges, crystal champagne glasses.

Mulliner also has a different air conditioning system than a normal Mulsanne. The system includes separate zones to adjust the temperature for each of the two rear seats.

The four rear seats are arranged opposite each other, with a partition separating the cockpit.  Photo: Bentley

The four rear seats are arranged opposite each other, with a partition separating the cockpit. Photo: Bentley

For privacy is a color-changing glass partition between the cockpit and the passenger compartment. There is also a communication system between passengers and drivers.

Each car has a different color. A two-tone, a combination of silver and blue on the outside and blue and ivory on the outside, with high-class wood paneling. The folding tables are also wooden. There is a clock that shows UK time, local time and outdoor temperature.

Another has a combination of dark purple and black on the exterior, one is red-black, one is light red-yellow and one is only available in black. Bentley hasn’t said how much each car will cost, but a 2017 estimate of $500,000, $200,000 more than a standard Mulsanne.

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