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Better to live for yourself

Deepti angrish

Every moment of age, every moment, every month, every year…. How much seems beautiful. But not always. After the time has passed. Remember your childhood When anyone, whatever the stubbornness, was completed by crying. Most children are like this. Live like a king, but his mind keeps on wishing that! When we were growing up, we would dominate everyone.

Some are also like this. They think of sixty people in their childhood. No stubbornness, no fidgeting. Such children like parents very much. However, they do not know what they inadvertently snatch from them. Teached you many good things. Gave good rites. All is well, but its excess is fatal to the tender mind of children. Balman’s murder in public for lewd children like me. A psychologist had said that children should commit bullying in their school and home. He is a symbol of her childishness. Now, if the miscreants do not do the child, will the elders of the house do it !!!

If someone has been like this, then find you child in child. You will get cold The parents are happy, but they put the burden of sacraments in a soft heart. When I grew up, responsibilities started coming up, then childhood was pleasant. I used to remember those days, keep quiet and be quiet. But now where were those days and children playing, having fun, the burden of responsibilities on their shoulders at a young age. Days passed like this. And the memories of the past passed when something big happened.

The mind always wanted that! Return to the old days. Thirty-three years passed while doing so. Now loneliness rushes to bite. Now it seems that from childhood, till now only live for loved ones. No matter what the age is. Let me tell you, this path was never easy. It is not easy to kill your mind every time for the happiness of others. The reason for this is the seeds of rites sown in childhood. They did not teach to live, but spoiled it. This is true, not false. Many a times it seems that everyone should bully a child. Actually, this is a childlike character, not a bully.

Sometimes some children are more irritable. Psychologists call this a biological menism through which our body is prepared to face stressful situations. In this, the child considers a person, object or situation to be dangerous for himself. This fear can be real and imaginary. This starts to affect his studies or other day-to-day activities.

Well there is nothing wrong in being selfish for yourself. It should include some positive aspects. Well, a lot is untouched, she has to live now. In the same way, Karana Kaal has kept us scared. Who should take the call? Before that, now singleness taught that happiness is also on your part. Clean, clean water also becomes mud due to stagnation. Thanks Corona era. You have given excellent knowledge of life.

A wise human race, Sirrph, is not limited to meeting his needs, but he cares for the needs of other people beyond himself, as much as his own. Most of the creatures of nature confine themselves only to the fulfillment of their needs, apart from their own and their children’s supplies, they have nothing to worry about, but human beings, along with themselves, not only their family, but the whole society. He walks with it and remains concerned about his interests.

Many hundred years ago Baba Goswami Tulsidas ji has also said similar things – ‘Parhit Saris Dharam Nahin Bhai. But the pain is not unhappy. ‘ There is no better deed than benevolence and no lesser deeds than to trouble others. The feeling of benevolence is what really makes a human being a ‘man’. Sometimes the immense joy that comes from the feeling of satisfaction spread on the face while feeding food to a hungry person is indescribable.

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