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Beware of losing money and data because of ransomware 2.0

Ransomware 2.0, also known as double ransomware, is expected to appear widely.

Digital transformation is a common trend of businesses around the world since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many new technologies have been changing people’s lives, ways of working as well as business strategies of businesses. Along with that, cyber attacks are still a concern of businesses globally and in Vietnam as the country moves towards a digital future.

According to the European Union’s Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA), attacks on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) supply chain in 2021 are four times higher than in 2020. The risk is even higher. additionally when security vulnerabilities can appear at any stage of the ICT product lifecycle, from product design, development, production, distribution, acquisition, use to maintenance.

It is forecasted that cybercriminals are constantly developing attack tactics and cyberattacks targeting the ICT supply chain are forecast to increase rapidly in 2022 and the following years.

In Vietnam, in the context that the economy is gradually recovering, ensuring information security of the ICT supply chain should be considered as one of the top priorities in the “new normal” period. To support and prepare Vietnam to be ready to respond to cyberattacks on the ICT supply chain, the Information Security Administration (ATTT) under the Ministry of Information and Communications (TT&TT) has coordinated with a security firm. Kaspersky organized the seminar “Ensuring information security for the ICT supply chain”.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuc – Director of the Department of Information Security.

At the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuc – Director of the Department of Information Security said that attacks on the supply chain thrived during COVID-19 and is expected to increase in activity in the near future as well as the appearance of new business models. organizations and enterprises specializing in providing cyber-attack weapons. Therefore, sharing and updating knowledge related to this type of attack will help organizations proactively respond in time when an attack occurs.

According to Ms. Genie Gan – Head of Government Relations for Asia – Pacific at Kaspersky, in the short and medium term forecast, the main trends of cyber attacks will include:

Cyberattacks on the financial sector will continue to develop, specifically cryptocurrencies will be the main target because these are digital assets, traded online and have the ability to anonymously use users. In addition, attacks on payment systems as well as mobile devices are expected to increase in the coming time.

Beware of losing money and data because of ransomware 2.0 - 3

Ms. Genie Gan – Head of Government Relations for Asia – Pacific at Kaspersky.

Risks in the healthcare sector are also forecasted by Ms. Genie Gan to continue. The pandemic has increased the demand for online medical services, and cybercriminals can forge documents such as vaccine passports, test results or doctor’s messages, etc. .

Besides, attacks on industrial production chains will become more concentrated. Some types of attacks, such as centralized attacks or stealing authentication data through spyware, will increase and become more common in 2022.

“Ransomware attacks will also be widespread. Ransomware 2.0, also known as dual ransomware, allows cybercriminals to not only use ransomware to decrypt systems, but also steal data. sensitive data to force the victim to pay,” warned Genie Gan.

Ms. Genie Gan added that, in the past time, Kaspersky has accompanied the Vietnamese Government in improving capacity and ensuring information security. They supported the Department of Information Security, the Ministry of Information and Communications in the campaign “Review and remove malicious code nationwide”, providing intensive training courses to help improve the capacity of staff of the Department of Information Security and the Rescue Center. Vietnam Cyber ​​Emergency (VNCERT).

“We also continue to cooperate with other relevant agencies such as the Ministry of Public Security and the Government Cipher Department on a number of important national projects. This demonstrates our belief that it is safe to do so.” Cybersecurity can be effectively implemented based on trust and cooperation between public agencies and the private sector,” said Genie Gan.


Low cost for hackers to scan vulnerabilities on the Internet, attack the network with ransomware

Just spend 10 USD, within 1 hour, hackers can scan for security holes and perform network attacks.

According to Ngoc Pham (Vietnamese people)


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