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Biathlon: Jacquelin and Desthieux remain at the foot of the podium

The Swede Sebastian Samuelsson won the Ostersund sprint on Sunday, the French Emilien Jacquelin and Simon Desthieux taking 4th and 5th places.

In the absence of success, the Blues played it placed during the inaugural weekend of this Olympic season, with the Beijing Games from February 4 to 20. Thus, despite a shooting foul, Emilien Jacquelin (24) was able to bet on his good form on the skis to fail at the foot of the podium and demonstrate that he was perfectly recovered from his left wrist fracture that occurred last summer. A performance all the more interesting as the Frenchman experienced a small damaging episode, as he explained at the microphone of the channel L’Equipe: “I fell on the penalty ring. But with this 4th place, I am very satisfied even if obviously, I would have preferred to finish on the podium. I tried to set things up differently than I did on Saturday. It paid off on the prone shot. But standing up, it’s still complicated. The natural saves a 4/5. On the skis, I am happy with my performance despite this small fall.

The day after his 3rd position in the Individual at the start of the season, Simon Desthieux again shone by finishing with a nice 5e square. He now shares the lead in the general classification with the triple holder of the big crystal globe Johannes Boe, who finished 3rd. Fabien Claude finished 6th to complete the beautiful day of the Blues, only tarnished by 32nd place Quentin Fillon-Maillet, who missed two targets on the second shooting range. “It’s a bad day, he said after the race. As I settled down, my stick fell off during the shot. I had bad legs. I am happy for my colleagues but very disappointed for me. I am disappointed to be having a hard time behind. Yesterday, I limited the breakage but this is the disaster. Making two mistakes, losing your stick, it multiplies the errors and in addition, I did not take any pleasure on the track. Simon passed me in the last loop, I don’t understand. It’s frustrating. I must find solutions for the future. Last year, this was already the case. But there, I do not have the return of my investment.The event was largely dominated by Sebastian Samuelsson, author of a clear rifle and very efficient on the track. The Swede (24) signs the second success of his career on the circuit.


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