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Blaming the referee again, netizens made waves on Facebook after the Vietnam – Australia match

Wednesday, September 8, 2021 00:05 AM (GMT+7)

The Vietnamese online community is creating a “wave” of attacks on some Facebook accounts using the name and image of Mr. Abdulrahman Ibrahim Al-Jassim.

In the second match in the 3rd Qualifier – World Cup 2022 in Asia, the Vietnamese team lost unfortunately to Australia. This match had a controversial situation when in the 28th minute, left-back Hong Duy fired a shot from outside the box but was blocked by center-back Rhyan Grant on the away side.

When the situation had just passed, referee Abdulrahman Ibrahim Al-Jassim received a signal from the VAR room about the possibility that the ball had touched the Australian player’s hand. Then, the Qatari referee decided to review the situation on the screen. Slow motion shows that Hong Duy’s shot hits Rhyan Grant’s hand in the context of the Australian defender.

Situation where the Australian defender let the ball touch his hand in the penalty area.

However, after about 1 minute of checking, the referee did not give the Vietnamese team a penalty and let the match continue. One of the reasons for this decision may be due to the relatively close distance between Hong Duy and Rhyan Grant.

Even more regrettable for Vietnam Tel, when the first half was only 2 minutes, it was Rhyan Grant who was present in the penalty area at the right time to receive Hrustic’s delicate pass and headed the net Dang Van Lam, opening the scoring of the match. . This was also the only goal of the match.

Just as the Vietnam – Saudi Arabia match had a controversial situation where Do Duy Manh was booked and the Vietnamese team was penalized, the online community in Vietnam expressed dissatisfaction with the similar situation that had just happened. in the Vietnam – Australia match.

Blaming the referee again, netizens " woke up"  on Facebook after the match Vietnam - Australia - 2

The online community posted a picture comparing the situation where the ball touched Do Duy Manh’s hand, causing the Vietnamese team to receive a penalty in the match against Saudi Arabia (above), and the situation where the ball touched the hand of an Australian player, but the Vietnamese team did not receive a penalty. (below).

Immediately, many Facebookers hunted down the Facebook account of referee Abdulrahman Ibrahim Al-Jassim. Despite having many Facebook accounts with the same name and using Mr. Al-Jassim’s image as their profile picture, the Vietnamese online community has created a “wave” of attacks with what they see.

For example, there is a fan page impersonating referee Al-Jassim with just over 1,000 followers, but in the latest photo, right after the match, the amount of outrage is up to 4,000. Along with that are thousands of comments using vulgar language such as: “It’s not fair, you ruined the game”, “How much did you get for our decision to deny the penalty?”,…

Even under the fake status of Mr. Al-Jassim’s statement, which appeared many times on social networks, Facebookers still enthusiastically interacted. The content of this status is: “I apologize to all the Vietnamese viewers because my decision has disadvantaged your team. But the match ended and the Vietnamese players played very well. At the end of the game I watched the video again and realized. My mistake. Please forgive me. Have a great evening. I’m sorry!!!”.

“In the previous match, the Vietnamese player who was penned did not intentionally let the ball touch his hand. Not to mention the situation was a fast ball situation, the Vietnamese player missed the ball and the ball hit his foot. of the Australian team just now has to be penned, because it is not possible to use the word intentionally or unintentionally. The new FIFA law is not intentional or not, but if it affects the result, it must be penned.”Facebooker Banh Bao commented.

Blaming the referee again, netizens " woke up"  on Facebook after the Vietnam - Australia match - 3

One comment said that the Vietnamese team lost a penalty because of the referee.

“Uncle, you owe my country 1 pen! The debt should be paid, uncle”, “It’s obvious that the village hit the hand, but why didn’t you give the pen? The referee was wrong”, “Wow, it was a hit. hand without penalty of 11m, or my eyes have problems”,… are some other comments of Vietnamese Facebooker.

On the contrary, many fans have called for the online community to calm down and behave civilly in the online environment; At the same time, apologize to the Al-Jassim account. These appeals are written in both Vietnamese and English.

“Let’s be civilized! I had to say sorry, I hope you guys don’t curse at the referee anymore. Try to put yourself in that situation, see if you can stand it and say people like that”, Facebooker Huy Hiep commented with a screenshot of the chat line sent to a Facebook account that is not clear if it is Mr. AI-Jassim’s owner.

Blaming the referee again, netizens " woke up"  on Facebook after the Vietnam - Australia match - 4

Comments call on the online community to calm down.

Attacking the referee or your team player is a familiar action of Facebookers in Vietnam. Despite being constantly advised and reminded to stay calm and behave civilly on social networks, such unflattering images still frequently appear after decisions that are not favorable to the Vietnamese team on all fronts. arena.


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