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Blanche Gardin wants to stop making people laugh in “The best version of myself”

Blanche Gardin adapts itself in series. In The best version of myself, she does not tell her life story: she plays it. So this is the story of a stand-up actress who is fed up with her repeated ulcers. After consulting a number of doctors, she turned to alternative medicine. The solution is simple. Stop making people laugh.

This is the starting point of this squeaky and radical series that Blanche Gardin signs, directs and plays. Like a false documentary, the camera follows her on a daily basis, from doctor to naturopath, from family reunion which degenerates into wanderings in Paris grappling with feminists. We see the pole vaulter in the mirror, and she glances at the camera.

Blanche Gardin does not give an interview. The producer, Marine Bergère, produced the series.

“The series was born out of an interest that Blanche has had for a very long time in personal development, and for all this fashion that we see through social networks, all these new medicines which appear and which are very in vogue. Her report to the social networks that she takes as the spectacle of highlighting oneself and this general narcissism. “

Marine Bergère, producer of the series

to franceinfo

In The best version of myself, everything is so realistic, that it is difficult to disentangle the true from the false. This time, the stand-up actress can act with other actors. An extension of his solo on stage, in the same vein, with the same moments that may shock, as Marine Bergère explains:

“There is this moment when she is going to fire her housekeeper because she always goes further in feminism, and she considers that as the job of cleaning lady is degrading, she must fire the housekeeper to possibly hire a man. in her place. But she does it in a completely condescending way. “

As to why Blanche Gardin does not give an interview, Marine Bergère’s response is clear: “Blanche Gardin only speaks when she has the impression that she can provide additional information. There is no need to complete what is already in the series.”

Pure Blanche Gardin, raw and ironic. Which recalls in its excess Fleabag, the award-winning British series from fellow stand-up actress, Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

The best version of myself by and with Blanche Gardin, nine 26-minute episodes broadcast from Monday, December 6, on Canal +.

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