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Blood Sugar: How can you control diabetes through diet and exercise? know

It is very important for diabetic patients to exercise daily and take care of their diet. It also helps in controlling blood pressure.

Healthy lifestyle is very important for diabetic patients. There are many benefits of diet and exercise, one of which is that it also controls the level of blood sugar. For diet and exercise, it is important that you do it in the target range. Because these are both things that can help you control blood sugar.

Dr Santosh, MBBS, MD General Medicine, Bangalore Baptist Hospital says, “It is difficult for diabetic patients to exercise daily and follow a balanced diet. Changes in diet and some physical activity can definitely control blood sugar levels. Positive changes in blood pressure and blood cholesterol are seen with a healthy diet and daily exercise.

What can diabetic patients eat?

In a healthy diet, some things from all the food groups can be included in your diet. So let’s know what things experts tell beneficial-

Vegetables: Broccoli, carrots, green vegetables and tomatoes

Fruit: Oranges, Melons, Berries, Apples and Papayas

Cereal: Whole grains, corn flour, barley and oats

Protein: Chicken, fish, peanuts, eggs, legumes, tofu and dried beans such as chickpeas

Fat-free dairy products: Oats milk, almond milk, yogurt, low-fat milk and cheese

Which things should be avoided?

Doctor Santosh says, ‘Diabetic patients should avoid consuming fried food. Especially food that contains trans and saturated fat. Apart from this, pickles, papad and sharp sweet things like candy or ice cream can also be harmful. Diabetic patients should also not consume sweet drinks.

Why is exercise necessary?

Exercise plays an important role in the prevention of diabetes. Exercise also plays an important role in fighting depression. Diabetic patients should walk for at least 30 minutes daily. Yoga can also be included in your daily routine to prevent diabetes. Also, for the prevention of diabetes, it is necessary to wear comfortable shoes while exercising.


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