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BMW 3 series is the low-rise compact luxury car of the year

Experts highly appreciate BMW products for the car of the year 2021 (Car Awards) in the low-rise luxury segment.

Overcoming two candidates Mercedes C-class and Volvo S60, the Bavarian luxury car BMW Series 3 won the Car of the Year award for a small luxury car with low ground clearance. The Series 3’s score of 81.29 is only slightly better than the two competitors, showing that the quality is almost asymptotic between the three models.

Total scores from experts and experienced readers for small luxury sedans.

Series 3 is BMW’s best-selling sedan in the global and Vietnamese markets. Vehicles imported directly from Germany, four versions, with the selling price of 1,899-2,499 billion VND.

Not the best-selling model, but what BMW Series 3 owns scored the highest score from the jury. With a youthful, sporty and masculine shape, the BMW model represents the brand’s new design language. The 2-liter twin-turbo engine with 8-speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive brings excitement behind the wheel for owners.

A Series 3 model blasphemy in Hanoi.  Photo: Minh Quan

A Series 3 model blasphemy in Hanoi. Photo: Minh Quan

In second and third place in the car poll of five small luxury segments with low ground clearance are C-class and S60. The model of C-class is the king of sales in this segment, the cheapest price and also the only product assembled in the country.

With Volvo S60, a new model of the Swiss brand that will go on sale in 2020, much later than two German rivals. Nordic gentle luxury style, rich safety technology are helping S60 become more and more popular in Vietnam.

Video honoring typical car models

Winning car models at Car Awards 2021 organized by VnExpress.

Car Awards 2021 is the first professional program in Vietnam to vote and honor the typical car models of the market. VnExpress-Xe organization, in order to create a reputable reference source for readers, systematic, can synthesize the reviews of experts and experienced users.

The Car Awards 2021 ecosystem has a series of events, the focus is on voting “Car of the Year” and “Car of the Year by segment”.

“Car of the Year 2021” is the final award of the Car Awards 2021, selected by the Organizing Committee from the top 15 models in each segment. The selected car model must ensure the criteria to meet the current needs of Vietnamese customers, and at the same time update the trends of the world auto industry, be able to forecast and suggest demand for consumers in the future. near future.

The awards in each segment will be selected by the Jury with the structure: 60% of the points come from the Expert Panel and 40% of the points come from experienced readers. The professional panel selected by the Organizing Committee is specialized journalists, vehicle evaluation experts, technical experts, sales and product experts. Meanwhile, experienced readers are those who have used cars for many years and completed professional questionnaires given by the Organizing Committee.

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