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BMW electric scooter test run before production

The BMW Definition CE 04 model will be the latest product of the German company’s electric motorcycle plan, with signs indicating that it is about to be produced.

While BMW has yet to confirm the timing or details of the electric scooter model, the production version is said to be testing in real traffic conditions. The car is completely black, the overall shape is still the same as the prototype, while some details are somewhat different.

BMW’s new electric scooter test drive on the street. Image: Decoches.blogspot

In the design drawing for intellectual property registration in the EU posted by the media in early April, the electric scooter model is very similar to the concept introduced in November 2020.

The overall design has remained unchanged, with some major upgrades such as a new and longer rear fender, license plate mount, and new turn signals and mirrors. All these upgrades are supposed to be in line with current standards and this will be the production version.

BMW's new electric scooter test drive on the street.  Photo: Decoches.blogspot

The test car is black, the overall design has not changed compared to the concept. Image: Decoches.blogspot

The 10.25-inch screen still seems to appear on the production version. Some other details can also stay the same, but the size will be smaller than the concept version.

The design impression of Definition CE 04 is as a storage solution with the trunk lid opening on the side, making it easier to store items, such as helmets. The driver can stay connected to a smartphone through the 10.25-inch screen – the same size as today’s car infotainment screen.

Definition CE 04 concept.  Photo: BMW

Definition CE 04 concept. Image: BMW

There is currently no information on the price and technical details of the electric scooter. BMW’s current electric scooter model, the C Evolution produced from 2014, can run 120-160 km per charge depending on the battery pack version, and has a maximum speed of 130 km / h. The parameters of CE 04 are said to be similar to C Evolution.

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