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BMW inventory decreased by nearly 800 million VND

The biggest reduction of 755 million belongs to 730Li, while at least the X2 model is 450 million, all cars are produced in 2018.

It pushes inventory by pushing discounts. In fact, the reduction of 450-755 million is compared to the listed price. If compared with the previous month, the car only decreased by 100-300 million, because deep reduction programs have been carried out by dealers in recent months.

Model (production 2018) Price at launch Current price Reduction
X1 1,859 1,344 515
X2 2,139 1,689 450
X6 3,969 3.126 843
218i 1,668 1,014 654
520i 2,389 1,789 600
730Li 4,099 3,344 755

Unit: million dong

The 730Li version even has a 2017 production car with the price of 3,179 billion VND, a decrease of more than 1.1 billion VND compared to when launched. However, according to dealers, 2017 production cars are not much, this inventory discharge focuses on 2018 and 2019 cars.

In addition to the car models that are being deeply reduced, the other models and versions of BMW are also reduced from 50 to 150 million VND. New models such as X5, X7, series 3 or series 7 have a negligible decrease and production year 2019 and 2020.

Old BMW 730Li. Image: Giang Huy

The big discount for cars that last 2-3 generations in the luxury segment is not uncommon. With a great value, if it does not decrease deeply, there is not enough distance with new cars, it will be difficult to solve inventory. Not to mention, with imported cars, if a batch of paint colors and equipment does not suit the tastes of customers, it is likely that the whole lot has to wait for customers.

The initial price of a BMW car is often higher than that of its importers such as Audi or Lexus, not to mention Mercedes cars are assembled, so the price is more accessible. In addition, internal sources said that the sales target from BMW in Germany is quite high, causing Thaco to put in a lot of effort to push sales.

From the customer side, many people believe that BMW cars have an ineffective way to make products, when the options “the redundant, the lack”. For example, the 520i only uses a 1.6 machine, which is considered weak compared to the wreckage, while equipped with unnecessary equipment such as the inhaler (about 80 million VND) or Display Key (more than 100 million VND). copper).

Towards the end of the year the pressure to release the existing vehicle becomes greater. Not only BMW, most of the automakers will face difficulties in 2020 because the covid-19 makes the economy difficult. For vehicle inventory models, visitors will have a reduction of annual registration time from 2.5 years to 2 and 1.5 years, based on the year of manufacture.



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