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BMW R18 – Vietnam’s only nostalgic cruiser motorcycle

HCMCClassic motorcycle model with Boxer engine 1,800 cc, capacity of 91 horsepower, imported from Germany.

According to customer orders, a private company imports only one BMW R18 First Edition version to the country. This is a large-sized cruiser with the largest displacement Boxer symmetry engine ever built by BMW Motorrad.

BMW R18 First Edition in Saigon. Image: Hoang Tran

BMW R18 is a commercial product of the concept model of the same name launched in May 2019. The model is inspired by the legendary R5 series of the 1930s. Details such as the waterdrop tank, handlebars, bearing steel frame, round headlights, and telescopic shock absorbers of the R18 are all subtle. brotherhoods.

The version appeared in Vietnam, the First Edition has a design similar to the standard version but owns a glossy black paint, white stripes on the 16-liter fuel tank, a limited edition identification logo and shiny chrome details. The headlights and taillights are both LED.

On the BMW R18, a single mechanical clock with an LCD screen displays vehicle parameters. 19-inch front wheel, 16-inch rear wheel.

The nostalgic cruiser model weighs 345 kg. The front suspension of the car is telescopic with 120 mm of travel, the rear suspension is the central suspension system. The rear swingarm attaches directly to the single cylindrical spring with adjustable, 89 mm travel.

BMW R18 - Vietnam's only nostalgic cruiser

Design BMW R18. Video: Hoa Nguyen

The car comes with dual disc brakes in front and a single disc at the rear with ABS anti-lock braking system. Other standard technologies are body stabilization and traction control.

The BMW R18 is equipped with a symmetrical Boxer engine, electronic fuel injection, air-cooled and liquid-cooled, with a capacity of 91 hp at 4,750 rpm, a maximum torque of 157 Nm at 3,000 rpm. . 6-speed gearbox, driven by the axle from the engine to the rear wheel, three modes of running Rain (wet road), Roll (long-distance), Rock (terrain). The maximum speed of the car reaches 178 km / h.

The importer has not announced the price of the BMW R18 First Edition in Vietnam. The cruiser model of BMW Motorrad in Germany starts at $ 27,038.

BMW Motorrad motorcycles are currently distributed in Vietnam by Truong Hai, but there is no R18 in the product portfolio.

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