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BMW still makes the grille loud despite the praise

In the face of a wave of controversy over the large kidney-shaped grille, the German automaker has no intention of abandoning this design.

In a recent interview, senior vice president at BMW, Adrian van Hooydonk, and head of design Domagoj Dukec, both defended its new grille, stating that the design was different.

Dukec said: “If you want to make something different, that thing has to be noticed and different. If you want to reach some customers, you have to be different. Our goal is not to do.” to satisfy everyone in the world, but you have to make your customers happy. Everything is for the customer. “

Customers that Dukec said here are mainly in China, America, Middle East markets. Meanwhile, Europeans are not fond of panache, according to Hooydonk.

Series 4 with a large kidney-shaped grille. Image: BMW

BMW also pointed to an unexpected 3.2% increase in sales in 2020 as a way of proving that controversial styling doesn’t get customers away from them.

However, van Hooydonk admits that the company is working hard to give back its past designs, while moving forward in a new direction.

“There is some friction when your old product is too successful, and that’s what we’re seeing. If your successful market isn’t there, then you have to change. It’s a no-nonsense situation. the same tension when you’re a company. But it’s better than this type of tension (controversy). “

Moving forward, the sporty BMW models will have a kidney-shaped grille like the new M3 and M4, while the electric car lineup will have a similar look but a fake, iX-like grille, where sensor of self-driving mode. The new sedans will have a narrower grille because BMW wants to differentiate the models from each other.

Previously, when the new 4 series was released, this product had a mixed reaction with the large kidney grille, but BMW confidently faced public opinion to create a unique model. Dukec also said at the time, “it doesn’t need to be logically necessary, it’s just a product with a strong and unique personality in our product range”.

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