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Brother Brijesh Pandey lost in Bihar elections, trapped in trolls Ravish Kumar

Ravish Kumar Get Trolled: NDA government is going to be formed once again in Bihar. The NDA has got a clear majority in the assembly elections. After the victory of the NDA, there are various reactions on social media.

Brijesh Pandey, brother of NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar, lost from Govindganj assembly seat in Bihar. Brijesh Pandey was contesting on a Congress ticket. Ravish Kumar has been the target of trolls since his defeat. After the defeat of Brijesh Pandey, users are taking a dig at Ravish Kumar on social media.

A user named Jayaprakash Aggarwal wrote on Twitter, ‘Great news, heartbreaking. It is reported that Brijesh Pandey, brother of broker journalist Ravish Kumar, lost the election in Bihar on a Congress ticket. A user named Prashant Singh wrote, ‘Ravish Kumar’s Bihar connection too. His brother contested on Congress ticket and lost.

A user named Sudhir Ojha has written tensely on Ravish Kumar, ‘Ravish Kumar could not win his own brother even after so much propaganda and would defeat Modi, Brijesh Kumar Pandey was badly defeated ..’. A user named Prem Sehgal wrote, ‘Congratulations Ravish Kumar, your accused brother has lost the election from Govindganj! Why any decent person would vote for any accused. Enjoyed that your brother lost the election! Will not the mouth be sweet? ‘.

A user named Rinku Singh wrote, ‘Ravish’s brother also lost the election? What was less gum than before that got another new gum. Why this misery does not disappear, Ravish Kumar, the world’s most bogus and cheeky man.

In fact, Ravish Kumar’s brother Brijesh Pandey has lost from Govindganj assembly for the second consecutive time. In the assembly elections, Brijesh Pandey has lost to BJP’s Sunilmani Tiwari. Sunilmani Tiwari defeated Brijesh Pandey by 27,924 votes. Brijesh Pandey got 37,620 votes from Govindganj assembly.

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