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Bugatti becomes a sub-brand of Porsche

Herbert Diess, Volkswagen’s communications director, confirmed that Bugatti will be manufactured by Porsche and electric car maker Rimac.

After the announcement of Volkswagen communications director, the group will merge Bugatti into the Porsche division. Bugatti development and production will be handled by Porsche R&D. The expansion of electric cars affects not only popular brands, but also super and luxury brands.

Bugatti is still a car maker with the ultimate mechanical platform and internal combustion engine, with the Chiron as an example, this supercar completed 400 meters in just 9.4 seconds. Bugatti’s boss also said that the large engines on its supercar models will certainly have no place in the fuel transition. Therefore, the company is also thinking of converting the entire engine to electric instead of making a hybrid electric motor or something like that.

Some products of Bugatti. Image: Bugatti

After the merger, Porsche also immediately shook hands with Rimac (Croatia), an emerging electric car company on the creation of an electric supercar branded Bugatti. It is likely that Bugatti’s first electric supercar will use the same platform with the Rimac C-2.

With the C-2’s aerodynamic platform and all-wheel drive, the model can deliver 1,888 horsepower and a top speed of 415 km / h. This texture is used on the upcoming Pininfarina Battista and can also create a Bugatti model with the same or faster power.

Volkswagen is also in talks with Rimac to exchange its biggest brand Porsche for an additional stake in Rimac’s plant in Croatia. This move helps the German car group have more resources to produce electric vehicles.

However, the negotiation did not come to the desired outcome when Porsche was still owned by Volkswagen. Meanwhile, Volkswagen has poured an additional $ 83 million to hold an additional 15.5% stake, increasing its stake in Rimac to 24%.

Currently, Volkswagen internally has a brand disorder when Bentley is transferring control from Porsche to Audi. The future of Lamborghini, a division of Audi, is also unclear. For Bugatti, no matter who it is owned by, this is still the brand that will produce the most expensive and fastest supercars.

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