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Bugatti performed two summons at the same time

AmericaThe French supercar company called to repair a total of 77 units, including Chiron and Divo models, due to an ESP system failure and transmission shaft.

The National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced two separate summons for Bugatti Chiron, Chiron Sport and Divo models. The first wave affected 73 vehicles of all three models, produced during 2017-2020. The second wave includes only 4 cars from 2020 from the two models Chiron and Divo.

Divo – the latest French supercar is in the area of ​​recall in America. Image: Bugatti

The vehicles of the larger recall will have electronic stabilization software (ESP). After a cycle of ignition, the ESP does not revert to its original mode if Handling is selected. According to the NHTSA, this increases the risk of an accident due to different settings in the high-performance mode’s program setting.

These models have 5 running modes: Lift, Auto, Autobahn, Handling and Top Speed. While Lift is a low-speed mode, the next 3 modes are limited to 380 km / h. To be able to run at Top Speed, the driver needs to stop the car to use the special key Speed ​​Key. The Chiron’s drag coefficient is 0.38 at Auto, 0.40 at Handling and just 0.35 at Top Speed, but when the air brake is applied it’s up to 0.59 for a quick stop.

The second recall with only 4 cars, including Chiron and Divo from 2020, due to a fault in the left rear transmission shaft. This device may be broken in some cases. The defective vehicle will have the transmission shaft replaced free of charge with an upgraded component.

If we combine these two summons into one, then Bugatti must call for repairing the faulty car for the second time in the past few years. Last time, the French supercar company recalled the Chiron due to a side air bag error in the summer of 2018.

America – England (according to the Motor1)


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