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‘Buy a Korean car to have more experience, not compared to a Japanese car’

I am not a fan of Japanese cars, nor do I criticize Korean cars, but saying that the quality of Korean and Japanese cars is the same, it seems that I do not understand cars.

Firstly, I want to talk about stability, the uniformity of component life, Korean cars are still a long way from Japanese cars.

Second, Japanese cars, American cars, German cars are all capable of developing many models on the same platform, new Korean cars are apprentices in this field. Sharing a platform will allow firms more time to test structural stability, safety and quality assessment. Each vehicle with one platform will create huge R&D costs while the selling price is difficult to increase, of course, there will be a trade-off in quality.

Third, Korean cars are developing very strongly, but to sell in key markets such as the US or Europe, Korean cars often have to sell at a cheaper price, more equipment and especially a 7-year unlimited warranty. The number of kilometers is limited while Japanese, American, and German cars only have a 3-year limited warranty of 100,000 miles (about 160,000 km). That shows that the Korean car puts itself in a lower position. Only in Vietnam can Korean cars be on par in terms of price and warranty with other brands. But even with a long warranty, every time you have to go to the warranty or leave the car in the garage, it will be very uncomfortable.

Fourth, I have been abroad for many years, in Germany, Australia, and the US, I have observed that a family with 2-3 cars is like Vietnam with 2-3 motorbikes. I also have friends in many different countries including Korean people, their family may have two Japanese cars or two German cars, two American cars, or one Japanese car and one American car, or or one Japanese car, one German car. , or either a Korean car and a German car but have not seen any family with two Korean cars (maybe I have not met).

Readers Thai Son

VnExpress will hold Car Talks number 2 with the topic “Korea cars or Japanese cars are better” at 8 pm-21 pm on Wednesday, October 13. Speakers who are technical experts, used car sales experts and car users who love each brand will discuss controversial issues between Korean and Japanese cars such as durability, performance, and cost. use, sale price. Readers can ask questions of the speakers under the Comments section.


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