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Buy your favorite SmartTV in March itself, prices are going to increase by thousands in April

Ever since the era of OTT started, the demand for smart TV has gone much later, especially in lockdown, the number of smart TV buyers has increased. If you are planning to buy a new SmartTV these days, then hurry because from April, the price of many appliances including SmartTV is going to increase. That is, from next month you will have to loose your pockets a little more.

Getting good offers right now
According to Avneet Singh Marwah, director and CEO of SPPL, Kodak Brand License, due to the increase in raw material prices, it has decided to increase the price of SmartTV, washing machines. Many good offers are also being offered on SmartTV in this month of March, which customers can take advantage of. Let us tell you that SPPL has brands like Kodak and Thomson.

Demand for smart TV increased
According to Marwah, first 10 to 15 years ago, customers used to get only 3 or 4 brands of options for TV, but now Ecommerce changed it completely and the entry of Affordable Brands in the market. At the same time, premium brands also want to call themselves affordable. Nowadays, customers want a smart TV with a big screen at an affordable price, and it is our endeavor in the Kodak brand that customers have to provide good TV at an affordable price. At this time we are working on advanced technology, soon customers will get to see some good and new models. Currently, Kodak has the highest demand for 42 and 43 smart TVs in India, in addition to this, the demand for 55-inch smart TVs is also increasing.

Price may increase so much
For information, let us know that in the last one month, open-cell panels have become expensive by 35 percent in the global market. In such a situation, it will have an impact in India as well. TV of many other brands including Kodak, Thomson, Haier, Panasonic, Samsung can be expensive up to three thousand rupees, however companies have not told about how much price can be increased on which model.

So prices are going to increase
According to Kodak, four to five big TV panel makers are in China, the prices of the panel have been increasing continuously and so far, the prices of the panels have increased by more than 350 percent in 8 to 9 months. Not only this, input cost has been increased due to increase in expensive copper, aluminum, steel and custom duty. Due to the increase in the rent of traffic (road, rail, air, sea), the prices of TV are continuously increasing. Earlier in January this year, companies had increased the prices of appliances by 20 percent.

These electronics items will also be expensive
Apart from TV, the prices of AC, fridge, cooler, fans, washing machines and other appliances are going to be increased. Therefore, shopping in the month of March itself can prove to be beneficial for you. All these companies are offering very good discounts on their products.

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