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‘Buying a car can calculate profit’

Cars are a means of serving travel needs and a way to invest in health, not a loss-free thing to buy.

If life is only making money to spend a lot of time calculating it, it’s also hard. Making money is to serve hobbies and views of life. Buying a car or not, depends on the purpose of life, the needs of use and the happiness of the buyer.

Reading the article “Do not buy a car because it will make a big loss” I think that if I do everything, I am afraid of losses, there is no genius in this world and no one who makes cars do anything. I see that many people make money for trying, then get old watching the money but can’t do anything. Making money to serve your life better. If society has movement, it can develop.

Buying a car actually serves the needs of life. Covering the rain, covering the sun, being proactive at work, protecting your health, being safer and knowing where you buy a car, the job will be more favorable because you can go more and communicate more widely.

If buying a machine is a loss, then everything else in the house you buy is lossless, do not shop. TV after 4-5 years of boredom also has a loss of tens of millions, the refrigerator is also tens of millions of millions, the phone is also tens of millions of millions, the air conditioner is also several tens of millions …. so, if calculating the profit, then I should only sleep in the cottage.

Everyone’s needs are different, everyone sends to the bank, everyone buys land, how can industry and commerce develop. Unless there are no conditions, but with conditions, I regret the money, I will lose.

So if you have made money, let the money serve you, not let it dominate you. Wish you have your dream of buying a car come true.

Readers Van Xung Doan


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