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Buying a car runs out of money, what accessories should I install?

I just bought Vios, the seller as well as my friends advised me to equip a lot of things for the car, making me bewildered.

Before buying a car, I only care about the price of the car, which car to choose and refer to the previous car’s experience. When buying a new car, there are a few more things that are necessary such as insulating film or repainting the undercarriage. I’ve compiled a list of up to 20 things that need retrofit from the seller to the friends who have used the car before.

If I buy all of these things and install them on the car, besides spending a lot of money, I wonder why a car lacks so many things. In particular, many electrical equipment such as dash cams, tire pressure gauges… I’m worried whether the manufacturer’s electricity will be charged for extra things or not. Will there be a short circuit if installed?

I bought Toyota Vios 1.5G CVT for home use, not running service. Currently, I just glued the insulation film and primer to the car. I don’t want to listen to the seller, but want to ask an experienced reader who is using this car to tell me what I should add to the car (really necessary) because I don’t have much money left. Hope to receive comments.

Readers Nguyen Ngoc


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