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By keeping this fast, you can lose weight easily, know

Weight Loss Tips: Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy has been in the news for her tremendous transformation for some time now. Recently, he has shared a video on Instagram about intermittent fasting which proves to be helpful in weight loss. In this video of her, Nila Kapadia is seen, who is a fitness trainer by profession. Let me tell you that after following this diet plan, Sameera increased from 91 kg to 90.6 kg in a week.

What is Intermittent Fasting: In this fasting, you cannot eat anything for a certain time. Intermittent fasting is a diet plan in which you have to starve for a long time. This diet plan requires less carbs and more fiber-protein. Those who follow this fasting take their miles within 12 hours, then some do not eat for 14 to 18 hours.

What to do: Eat nutrient-rich food throughout the day, gradually increasing the time of fasting. Every person’s body needs calories in different ways, eat accordingly. When ending fasting, eat a balanced diet full of nutrients instead of carbs.

Keep drinking water and keep your daily schedule consistent. Improve your sleeping routine. From what time you are fasting, it will be your wish, but keep in mind that under any condition do not eat anything after 8 pm. How intermittent fasting is helpful in reducing weight, learn how it affects the body

What to avoid: If you are thinking of following this diet plan, do not keep fast for 16 hours straight, but start with 12 hours. Then gradually increase the time to suit your body. It is not that people who do not eat for 16 hours, this diet gives them more benefits. Do what is best for your body. Do not think that if you have to stay hungry for a long time then you can eat heavy food, eat normal food. Avoid intake of junk food and processed food. Pregnant or lactating women should not do intermediate fasting.

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