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Can excessive use of soap during pregnancy cause miscarriage? Know from the Experts

There are many changes in the body during pregnancy. In such a situation, there are many things during pregnancy that if not taken care of can harm both the baby and the mother. It can even have a bad effect on the development of the child. Hormonal changes take place in a woman’s body during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the muscles stretch due to the increase in the abdomen. If the skin spreads more then it causes itching problem. To get rid of it, many times women take bath by rubbing the whole body with soap. But did you know that prolonged exposure to personal care products like soaps and shampoos and many other daily products can cause miscarriage. Today, in this article, we will know from a female expert whether the use of soap during pregnancy can be harmful.

Gynecologist Dr. System Ahale while talking to said that the use of normal soap during pregnancy can prove to be harmful for the unborn child. Because chemicals like TCC (triclocarbon) are mixed in it. Exposure to TCC can result in the delicate nature of organ systems and hinder the development of the child.

In fact, triclocarbons can harm the lipid metabolism of the unborn baby in the mother’s womb. Lipids are naturally occurring molecules that include fats, waxes, fat-soluble vitamins, monoglycerides, diglycerides, triglycerides, and others.

According to the doctor’s system, the use of soap made from phthalates chemical can also increase the risk of miscarriage, apart from this, the transfer of TCC chemical from mother to child also harms the physical development of children. Therefore pregnant women should always read their labels properly before choosing chemical products. Avoid buying those that contain TCC.

In addition Dr. Ahale told that instead of using antibacterial or antiseptic soap, use organic soap or warm water. Also, natural substances such as olive and coconut oils can be used as moisturizers. Whereas vaginal wash liquid should be used only on the advice of the doctor.

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