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Canada refuses to recognize a Taliban government

Canada “Does not intend to recognize a Taliban government”, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday, August 17, as the international community is wondering about future relations with the fundamentalist group that has regained power in Afghanistan.

“When they were in power 20 years ago, Canada did not recognize their government. They have forcibly overthrown and replaced a duly elected government, and form a terrorist group under Canadian law ”, he continued on the sidelines of a press briefing in Ontario for the legislative campaign.

The United States said Monday that it would recognize a government led by the Taliban only if the latter respect women’s rights and reject terrorists.

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And British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday called for a meeting of G7 leaders to “Adopt a unified approach on Afghanistan”, in particular concerning the recognition of any future government.

Trudeau “horrified by images of despair”

Recalling that immediate priority was given to evacuation operations outside Afghanistan, Justin Trudeau said that the Taliban should “Guarantee free access to the airport”. “We continue to work with our international allies to put pressure on them” on this point, added the leader of the liberal party who had said Monday “Horrified by the images of despair”.

The evacuation of foreign nationals and Afghans who have worked with the West continued on Tuesday under difficult conditions in Kabul. A gigantic airlift has mobilized since Sunday a stream of planes from around the world, in an airport stormed by candidates for exile and whose surroundings are closely controlled by the Taliban.

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The Canadian government recently expressed its readiness to welcome 20,000 Afghan refugees under a new immigration program.

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