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Canada’s province banned the sale of gasoline cars from 2035

Canada’s second most populous province, Quebec, will ban the sale of gasoline scooters to drive electric cars, joining the environmental protection movement.

Quebec has announced a $ 5.1 billion campaign to lower greenhouse gas levels to 37.5% by 2030. This is still higher than the toxic gas level enacted in 1990.

Quebec is not the only Canadian province to ban gasoline-powered cars. British Columbia has announced a similar move, which will take place over the next 20 years.

Around the world, many countries are also taking more and more harsh measures on gasoline and oil vehicles. In 2019, the UK announced a gasoline car ban, which will be in place for another two decades. Israel is also reviewing the ban a bit earlier, with the goal of 2030 being a leap for the nation. The ban covers all types of new cars, with the standard being electric cars. Larger trucks and commercial vehicles are expected to run on electricity or natural gas.

There are many countries that have announced their intentions to ban fossil fuel-powered vehicles. That’s bad news for cars offered by traditional car brands. The shift to electric cars is beginning to take shape.

Doan Dung (According to the Motor1)


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