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Car models coming to Vietnamese customers in late 2020

Honda City, Kia Moring or Nissan Sunny are the names to be expected by the end of this year with significant upgrades.

Honda City

Honda City new version. Image: Nguyen Thu

After leaking a lot of information, the new version of the City will be launched in early December, completely improving the interior and exterior, but still using the old engine.

The exterior is changed to the steering wheel like the Accord, the head and tail lights are changed to the body is more harmonious than the old version. Completely changed interior, steering wheel and center clock are simplified. The newly launched City hopes to be a big counterweight to Vios and Accent is the leading position in this segment.

Although there is no official selling price, dealers have started to accept deposits for the three versions with an expected price of 580-620 million VND.

Kia Morning

New generation Moring model is launched in the world.

New generation Moring model is introduced in the world. Image: That

Nearly 10 years since the end of 2011, Morning has not released a new style. At the end of this year, it is likely that the new Moring will launch Vietnamese guests. After Seltos and Sorento, Morning will be the third Kia model with a transformative design in the Vietnamese market.

In Korea, Morning uses a new engine, currently the parameters and images of the version will return to Vietnam are still unknown. However, internal sources said the new version will have many upgrades in technology and amenities.

Consumers expect, Morning is the spice that helps segment A to be more vibrant and more choices. Currently, Morning is running out of breath in the sales race compared to i10 and Fadil. After 9 months of 2020, Kia Morning only sold 3,854 units, while i10 was 10,101 units and Fadil was 6,461 units in 5 months (May-September 2020).

Nissan Sunny

New Nissan Sunny.

New Nissan Sunny. Image: Motortrivia

After moving a new distributor, many dealers have moved to accept new Sunny sample piles, which are expected to be later this year and possibly early 2021. However, the company said the car “can”, but not confirmed this news.

In Vietnam, the current generation of Sunny has been sold since 2012, until now there has been no change in interior and exterior. Having good performance, spaciousness and economy in the segment, but not eye-catching appearance makes Sunny’s sales are not good.

The new version of Sunny was launched as Almera in the US and Thailand markets. Consumers expect a new range of new Nissan products that are newer and younger not only in performance but also in design. With a bad sales in the segment, bringing the new Sunny will not only change the face of this model, but will probably help the car improve in sales.

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