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Car odors can harm health

If a person spends more than 20 minutes in a car each day, the smell of chemicals in the car can have a negative health impact.

Research conducted by Aalekhya Reddam and David C. Volz from the University of California Riverside, California, USA, to estimate human exposure to chemicals in cars, including cancer agents, at is beyond safe level.

Research based on daily commute time by car, as well as chemical levels in vehicles from previous studies, found that exposure to these substances, mainly benzene (C6H6) and formaldehyde ( CH2O), may exceed safe levels. Specifically, the study calculated the amount of benzene and formaldehyde that drivers inhale for a journey of at least 20 minutes a day, and found that sitting in the car for more than this time, drivers face health risks. strong.

In big cities, the time to use cars every day is more than in other places. Image: Shutterstock

Both benzene and formaldehyde above are on California’s Proposition 65 list of identified carcinogens. Benzene can be found in rubber and dyes, and formaldehyde is used in the manufacture of carpets and paints.

The above chemicals are classified as carcinogens, but are dependent on dose and exposure to cause danger. The question is, what to do to limit the risk of chemical exposure to cancer?

The answer gives depending on the object, can limit daily commuting time by car, or if not, have to bear it, as with those who work as a professional driver. Another suggestion is that automakers need to reduce the use of unhealthy materials to produce cars.

Reddam, one of the two researchers advised, that when the car is moving, drivers should lower the windows if possible. “At least with the outside air, you dilute the chemical concentration in the car,” says Reddam.

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