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‘Car sunroof is not as useless as many people think’

Luxury car sunroof is different from cheap cars, in addition to using good materials, they also bring many conveniences to users.

Read the article “Why are many Vietnamese people crazy about cars with sunroof?” I find the writer does not fully understand the structure, features as well as how to use this utility in the car and also vaguely calls those who want it in the car crazy, ie slightly mentally ill. !

In fact, the sunroof (CST), also known as the sunroof (when opened, it goes into the back of the roof) or moonroof (the glass above, inside has a slide to block the heat) is a utility. Previously available only on expensive luxury cars. The design, installation as well as the cost is quite high due to the materials to produce it. Today, some automakers put this option on popular cars to attract customers to increase sales, which leads to a lot of discomfort when using and even unsafe when using inappropriate cheap materials.

First of all, in terms of design, if you want a car to have CST, the design of the ceiling must have a strong bearing frame, increasing the ceiling mass to 80-120 kg, with big expensive cars, this is not a problem because The total weight of the vehicle is always about 2 tons or more and the overall chassis is very solid. But with cheap and light cars, it can lead to the risk of losing the center of gravity, causing unsafety.

The material used to produce CST is also a matter of concern, on expensive cars, whether it’s glass or metal, the ceiling is very strong and insulating, tempered glass is sometimes even stronger. metal, the cover under that is also an insulating material, it is even better insulator than the normal ceiling panel a lot when the CST is closed.

In contrast, with cheap cars, this is not the case, which explains why owners of popular cars with sunroofs always feel hotter than normal cars even with insulating film. Another problem that people are concerned about is the fear of water entering the car when it rains or when water is poured on the roof of the car like when washing a car, for example, they claim that the rubber gasket will age over time and water will overflow due to the gasket is no longer tight.

Sorry, the rubber gasket on the CST is not completely sealed and even without that gasket, water will never get into the car if the CST’s drainage system is well maintained and not clogged. The drainage groove surrounds the CST and has 4 rather large drainage pipes running along the front and rear glass edges, ensuring that water does not get into the car. I used to open CST and drive the car under heavy rain but not a drop of water could fall into the car.

In terms of features, in addition to creating a difference, strange, luxurious… as people say, its main feature is to create an airy space when opening the CST or just opening the curtain inside; ventilation and ventilation when passing through areas with cool weather and clean air; When leaving the car in the sun at the start of the ride, if the sunroof is opened, all the hot air as well as toxic gases generated in the car when the interior is heated will escape immediately for a few minutes and then close the CST.

If the car does not have CST, it will create a very uncomfortable situation that the lower half is cool due to the operation of the air conditioner, and the top is hot because the cold air pushes the hot air that has not been released to the top, it takes a while this situation Only when the temperature in the car is neutralized above and below. When you want to get rid of an unexpected odor in the car or when driving in the rain, if you want to balance the humidity so that the car windows are not blurred and you feel cool, you can open the CST in slightly upturned mode, rain water. can’t get in like people mistakenly think I said above. In addition, CST is also a great escape door when accidentally falling into the water or in accidents where the doors are stuck and cannot be opened due to deformation or obstacles on both sides, or the vehicle is damaged. tilt.

As for the feature to let people in the car rise or throw something at the car going in front or behind, it is highly recommended not to because it is very dangerous, except in the case of marching in groups and running at a very slow pace. In addition, in American action movies, we also see police or criminals using CST to shoot each other.

Above is the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of CST to have a comprehensive view of it, people consider their own needs and decide to buy a car with or without and give additional comments.

Readers Nguyen KV


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