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Car to the West – civilization explorers

Does the car have a panoramic sunroof? Remember the chair? Is there an independent rear air conditioner? How many colors are the interior lights?

All these questions do not need to concern customers who buy luxury cars. Because the answer is always: available.

But the wealthy servants are still not quite relieved. So get the leather or wood steering wheel? What interior perfume is right for me? Which skin color looks delicate? Choose air suspension or not? Adaptive or Non-Adaptive Light, LED or Laser? Open Canon in D, the speaker Burmester or Bowers & Wilkins more suitable? And a bunch of exclusive luxury options they have to make a decision about.

Porsche Cayenne 2020. Photo: Guide Auto

The world has hundreds of car manufacturers, large and small, mostly to deal with the essential needs of daily travel. In which, the so-called luxury cars are very few. When demand outstrips mobility, and affluent customers need to spice up emotions and comfort, they enter the world of luxury cars.

But that world is equally complex. You have money, lots of money. You use that money to find comfort, caressing while sitting in the back seat like lying on a king-size bed at home. But others, equally rich, wanted to be able to control the mechanical block themselves, showing the blood of conquest like Genghis Khan on horseback. To meet all, luxury car manufacturers were born. And for the most part, the car of any country will show the spirit of that nation. Europe is the cradle of human civilization, and also the birthplace and discovery of the global luxury car culture.

Car to Germany: the vanguard village elders

The trio of fierce competition.  Photo: Autocar

The trio of fierce competition. Image: Autocar

German pride is wrapped in four elite brands: Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Porsche over the years. All are pursuing the goal of exploring technology.

The Mercedes S-class is the first car to adopt a giant split screen instead of the traditional speedometer and discrete center screen module of contemporary luxury cars. The BMW 7-series allows the driver to use hand gestures in the air to control the functions on the vehicle. The Audi A8 will automatically raise the bodywork in the event of an impending side collision in a matter of hundred seconds. In a Porsche, luxury passenger comfort may be slightly reduced, but to balance the feeling behind the wheel and the comfort of the boss, hardly any sedan does better than the Panamera or now. Taycan is electric.

German luxury cars also maintain the unified philosophy of brand identity across all their car lines, helping to form the concept of what is design language. Choosing a car to Germany, you will rarely have to worry about your car has nothing that other cars have.

British nobility: Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar -Land Rover

Rolls-Royce Cullinan.  Photo: Motor1

Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Image: Motor1

If Rolls-Royce is the number two luxury car in the world, no one dares to claim itself number one. In fact, Rolls-Royce or Bentley are classified as super luxury when customers can customize the car to their liking, as long as they do not force it to fly. Both car manufacturers are handcrafted, almost no similar car in the world. Rolls-Royce since its inception operates under the motto of “making the best cars regardless of price and selling them to happy paying customers”.

Bentley is not inferior to offering customers the most expensive options they can think of, while pampering speed fans with some sporty versions, such as the Continental GT Speed. Choosing Rolls-Royce or Bentley means that customers design their own cars, not buy an existing product. That is the difference between super rich and luxury.

Range Rover Velar.  Photo: Minh Quan

Range Rover Velar. Image: Minh Quan

Before coming under Tata Motor, Jaguar and Land Rover were two separate entities. Under the same roof, Jaguar used to only make sedans and Land Rover specialized in SUVs. Over the years, Jaguar has embraced a bit of multipurpose vehicle with the Pace line. The soul of Cheetah is still deeply ingrained in the top XJ sedan, competing with the S-class, series 7, A8 or LS. Like Porsche, Jaguar comes out of a race of speed. Jaguar’s interior design is not too technology and innovative, the familiar buttons are still retained but polished, regal in British style. If you don’t want to be too modern and have to manipulate too many touch screens, Jaguar is the ideal choice for traditional luxury and great thrill at the throttle.

The Land Rover is for a more special audience: still perfectly relaxed in the rear seats, but if the rich boss is naturally inspired to change the wind, it must be ready to switch off-road at any time. That is why Land Rover only makes SUVs without looking into other segments. The simple yet unmistakable exterior lines of the Range Rover have been pleasing to customers over the years. The Range Rover cannot bend because it loses itself. If holding a top-notch off-road competition featuring a Range Rover, the guest list shouldn’t extend beyond the G-class, LX570 and X7.

Italian romance: Maserati

Maserati Levante.  Photo: Minh Quan

Maserati Levante. Image: Minh Quan

Levante is winds from the East that blow across the Mediterranean and the Ghibli are the hot winds of the Sahara desert. The Italian automaker named them for its products in reference to speed. But speed alone is easy to fade. Saying Maserati’s car name to make customers think, the sweet Italian sounds are also different from the common English word or a few monotonous letters.

The low-set grille with vertical struts, slanted headlights and trident logo are the hallmarks of Maserati on the street. Inside the Maserati, everything is focused on the driver. There are no giant screens or stylized air-conditioning doors following the recent luxury trend. Oh well, the overly rhythmic interior will be out of place with the sporty exterior. There are no Maserati under 275 hp. The highest version of Levante, Ghibli or Quattroporte all hit the 580 mark. The latest MC200 accelerates 0-100 km / h in less than 2.9 seconds, not inferior to Ferrari or Lamborghini. Maserati luxury Italian romantic style.

Also dressed in turn clothes, dressed in a tuxedo with elegant cufflinks, the owner of Maserati left the party and was ready to take the driver’s seat, which is not common in competitors with older customers. . Not all rich people like super cars, their narrow cockpit is sometimes not pleasant for a walk on the street. Still a spacious four-seat cabin, hi-end sound, not too popular like other luxury cars, when high in excitement, still able to stick to the back, what more interesting option than Maserati? If the answer is yes, you probably haven’t loved Italy much enough.

From safety to Swedish Scandinavian flair: Volvo

Volvo XC90.  Photo: Minh Quan

Volvo XC90. Image: Minh Quan

For 10 years, Volvo has been in the hands of Chinese owners, the safest car maker in the world, that has not lost its Swedish roots. The more people worry, the safer and more refined a Volvo car is. Volvo is not shiny, shiny, but in minimalistic appeal. From the large touch screen to read, the engraved lines on the knobs to the unpainted wooden panels or the choice of creamy and ivory skin all exude a pure, unobtrusive beauty like Scandinavia itself. .

The XC90 is not as rebellious as an X5 or a Cayenne. Car manufacturers turn to the product direction always in a gentle and polite way. On the side of the front seats are small Swedish flags. The seatbelt fastener engraved with the words “Since 1959” reminds of pride Volvo is the inventor of this most important device. On the outside, the Thor’s hammer LED navigation lights – the thunder god in Norse mythology help the car never get lost in the crowd, as well as a way for people to remember where it was born.

After many ups and downs through owners, owners, Volvo finally found the light at the end of the road. What if under the control of the Chinese people, when the inner ego is intact. That Swedish doesn’t fade.

The French hope: DS

The DS9 sedan.  Photo: DS

The DS9 sedan. Image: DS

Separated from Citroen, the new heritage officially operated independently since 2015, the youngest in the village. PSA’s sub-brand is France’s only hope to be less inferior to its neighbors England and Germany. But French cars, even popular cars, were having trouble leaving Europe, let alone luxury cars. The DS 9 is positioned to compete with the BMW 5 series, Mercedes E-Class or Audi A6, launched in February but has not yet been sold commercially.

PSA in particular and French cars recently changed the design compared to their not so outstanding past. Inside the DS car, the cockpit is full of technology. From digital touchscreens to electronic shifters, they have Peugeot lines in them. On the outside, it is not difficult to recognize that the vertical position lights of the DS 9 also wear the same LED claws on the Peugeot 508. Most likely, in the long run, PSA needs to be as strong as Toyota used to do with Lexus: separate style clearly between luxury and popular, there should be no compromise at all to avoid the brand identity stepping on each other.

Landlords of the Flower Country: Cadillac & Lincoln

Also the West, but across the Atlantic, people came to America, where is the common home of many peoples. The unity in the culture of using cars lies in size: everything has to be big.

Every Cadillac or Lincoln looks big and imposing. Rarely does a luxury car in the US install a small engine, the most common being the V6, V8 Americans like space, so two luxury brands always try to please local customers. But out of the United States, both Cadillac and Lincoln struggled with designs that didn’t fit the majority of wealthy customers. American luxury cars are basically pragmatic: sedans or SUVs only. The Coupe, Wagon, MPV or Cabriolet belong to an otherwise unwelcome personality. If Cadillac is proud to be the car for the president for decades, Lincoln is honored to carry the name of one of the most beloved presidents in American history. In the world’s largest auto market, China, Cadillac’s 2019 sales are about 200,000 units Carsalesbase30% of Audi, and Lincoln is only 25% of his countrymen. Both brands have more to do if they want more popular American-style luxury.

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