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Cars can run and charge at the same time from the road surface

AmericaThe Michigan government plans to build a 1.6-kilometer test track to help cars charge batteries while driving.

The plan was announced by Governor Gretchen Whitmer on September 21. The project, called the Inductive Vehicle Charging Pilot, is the result of a partnership between the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the state’s Office of Electrification and Future Mobility. The project will develop wireless charging infrastructure in Michigan for electric vehicles.

An emerging smart road system will help electric cars charge their batteries while they’re running. Photo: Cornell University

The goal of the project is to support the journey of electric vehicles – a factor that makes many people wonder and consider when switching from internal combustion engine cars to green cars. Not only meaningful for individual users, the project is an important step forward for service vehicle operators who are looking to electrify their entire fleet.

MDOT will also invite bids on September 28 to design, fund, evaluate, test and implement the new charging line. The stretch of freeway for the test has not yet been selected, but MDOT said it knows testing will take place in Wayne City, Oakland County or Macomb County.

The road to help charge electric vehicles in Michigan is not the first idea of ​​this model. In 2013, a wireless charging line for cars was tested in Gumi city, South Korea. In the same year, the Swedish Transport Agency also started an electrified road project and plans to create similar infrastructure for green cars by 2030.

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