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Cars can send messages to pedestrians

JapanTechnology jointly developed by Honda and SoftBank can help cars warn pedestrians to avoid the road, preventing accidents.

In a recent announcement, the two sides said they have begun to use situation-based technologies to reduce collisions between cars and pedestrians. Technology based on 5G SA network and V2X (Vehicle to Everything) communication system is currently being tested in Hokkaido, Japan.

In Scenario 1, a pedestrian appears within the vehicle’s field of view. At that time, if the vehicle’s camera detects a potential collision with a pedestrian within its field of view, the vehicle will send an alert to the pedestrian’s mobile device through the multiple access edge computing (MEC) service. This allows pedestrians to take action such as getting out of the way.

A pedestrian crosses the street in Ginza, Tokyo. Photo: Reuters

In Scenario 2, pedestrians fall into a blind spot, like hiding behind parked cars along the roadside. At that time, the vehicle will check through mobile devices and other nearby vehicles to make sure there are any pedestrians around.

If so, the system will warn pedestrians that a car is approaching and also warn the car about pedestrians. If a second vehicle has a clear view of the pedestrian, it will alert the other car that a pedestrian is approaching.

In Scenario 3, information about a specific area is shared via a common system to the vehicles. The moving vehicles then send information about areas of limited visibility to the MEC service, and the MEC reorganizes the information and alerts to vehicles in the vicinity.

Honda and SoftBank began jointly researching the technology from the end of 2017, it is expected that by the end of March 2022, they will link the systems being tested.

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