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Cars of the five small high-rise segments belong to Corolla Cross

The award went to Toyota’s model with 80.11 points, followed by Mazda CX-30 with 73.68 points and Peugeot 2008 with 72.94 points.

With the size is not too outstanding and the price range is consecutive, the CUV models make the market more exciting. The group of small high-rise vehicles in Vietnam has 11 options including: Ford EcoSport, Kia Sonet, MG ZS, Hyundai Kona, Honda HR-V, Toyota Raize, Toyota Corolla Cross, Kia Seltos, Mazda CX-3, Peugeot 2008, Mazda CX-30.

The three models with the highest scores entered the Car of the Year nominations respectively: Toyota Corolla Cross with 80.11 points, followed by Mazda CX-30 with 73.68 points and Peugeot 2008 with 72.94 points. Toyota’s model became the winner of the “small high-rise car” award of 2021.

The car of the five small high-rise car segments belongs to Corolla Cross with 80.11 points.

The appearance of the Corolla Cross started the race of “missing” models in terms of size, which is not exactly in size B or size C. The imported Thai model “pillows” from size B to size C. both in terms of size and price.

Launched at the end of 2020, this model created an earthquake when it was constantly sold out and was interested by many customers despite its high price compared to the segment. In 2021, Corolla Cross ranked fourth in the list of best-selling cars of the year with 18,411 vehicles delivered to customers with a long waiting list because there were no cars to deliver.

Considered the new flagship product of the Japanese automaker, Corolla Cross has a modern and quite youthful design. The car is shaped like the RAV4, Toyota’s best-selling C-size crossover in the world, but is designed smoothly in the light cluster and rounded in some details.

Representative of Toyota Vietnam received the medal of Corolla Cross.  Photo: Ngoc Thanh

Representative of Toyota Vietnam received the medal of Corolla Cross. Photo: Ngoc Thanh

The Corolla Cross model has three versions 1.8G, 1.8V and 1.8HV, with the notable point being the 1.8HV model equipped with a Hybrid engine, first used by Toyota in Vietnam.

1.8 engine with 4 cylinders in line (I4) for a capacity of 138 horsepower and 172 Nm of torque. The 1.8HV version combines two machines, 1.8 gasoline engine with a capacity of 97 horsepower and 142 Nm of torque, an electric motor that produces 71 horsepower and 163 Nm. Continuously automatic transmission on all three versions.

The 1.8G version is equipped with standard safety systems such as 7 airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, emergency brake force support, electronic balance, traction control, hill departure, and so on. tire pressure sensor.

The two more advanced versions are equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense package with pre-collision warning, rear cross-traffic alert, blind spot warning, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, cruise control and cruise control. automatic headlight adjustment. This is also the first time the company has equipped many safety features on a popular car model in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, Toyota Corolla Cross 2021 is officially distributed in 3 different versions. The price of each version 1.8G costs 720 million, 1.8V costs 820 million, 1.8HV costs 910 million.

Video honoring typical car models

Car Awards 2021 is the first professional program in Vietnam to vote and honor the typical car models of the market. VnExpress-Xe organization, in order to create a reputable reference source for readers, systematic, can synthesize the reviews of experts and experienced users.

The Car Awards 2021 ecosystem has a series of events, the focus is on voting “Car of the Year” and “Car of the Year by segment”.

“Car of the Year 2021” is the final award of the Car Awards 2021, selected by the Organizing Committee from the top 15 models in each segment. The selected car model must ensure the criteria to meet the current needs of Vietnamese customers, and at the same time update the trends of the world auto industry, be able to forecast and suggest demand for consumers in the future. near future.

The awards in each segment will be selected by the Jury with the structure: 60% of the points come from the Expert Panel and 40% of the points come from experienced readers. The professional panel selected by the Organizing Committee is specialized journalists, vehicle evaluation experts, technical experts, sales and product experts. Meanwhile, experienced readers are those who have used cars for many years and completed professional questionnaires given by the Organizing Committee.

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