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Cars rushed like arrows shot into the gas station

AmericaCars ran at a speed of nearly 160 km / h before losing control, flew straight towards the gas station, crashed three other cars and injured one person.

The car ran all the way at a speed of nearly 160 km / h and then hit a parked car, bounced up without hitting another car just as the driver was opening the door, turned around a convertible and landed by 4 wheels. The entire accident was recorded by surveillance cameras of a gas station and convenience store in Whitaker, Pennsylvania on April 15.

A total of three other cars were damaged in many degrees, one person who was present at the gas station was hospitalized at that time.

This is not the first time this site has had a similar accident. It all started six years ago, on April 15, 2015, when a driver crashed a sign and caused the car to fall into two other cars parked at a gas station. And the latest incident happened 12 days before the accident in the video. Luckily no one was seriously injured out of all nine accidents that happened, but Bob Ackerman, the gas station owner, was worried about what happened to his location of business.

The Rankin civet exit headed toward the gas station of Bob Ackerman.  Photo: Google Maps

The Rankin civet exit headed toward the gas station of Bob Ackerman. Image: Google Maps

One of the factors that led to the crashes was Ackerman’s gas station located just down the Rankin bridge. When the speed limit on the bridge is only 40 km / h, but drivers often reach speeds up to 113 km / h before rushing towards the parking lot of the gas station.

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