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Cars with the best driving posture

AmericaSeating position, comfort, ease of entry and good visibility are important factors for the driver’s seat.

Buying a car is an expensive, long-term commitment and experience. Not only considering the exterior, performance or equipment, buyers need to find out and ensure the most comfortable driving position possible.

BMW 7 series with a diversely adjustable driver’s seat, suitable for drivers of different heights. Photo: BMW

Consumer Reports – popular American consumer magazine – tested different models to assess how comfortable the driver’s seat, driving position, access and visibility from this position are to drivers different height. Among the test drivers, the lowest is 1m54 and the highest is 1m88.

The test vehicles range from the Mazda MX-5 Miata two-door sports car, the Jeep Wrangler off-road vehicle and the Toyota Tacoma pickup.

Rating Best car for tall drivers
first BMW series 7
2 Porsche Cayenne
3 BMW X7
4 Audi Q7
5 Honda Polit
6 Genesis G90
7 Volvo XC90
8 BMW X5
9 Audi A8
ten Land Rover Range Rover

The top 10 cars with the best driving posture for taller-than-average drivers are dominated by luxury cars, excluding the Honda Pilot, and there are six German cars. For drivers of modest stature, the list includes diverse products in different segments.

Rating The best car for short drivers
first Subaru Forester
2 BMW series 7
3 Lexus ES
4 Volvo XC90
5 Subaru Outback
6 BMW X5
7 Lexus RX LOOK
8 Volkswagen Tiguan
9 Honda Oddyssey
ten BMW X3

The BMW 7 series, Volvo XC90 and BMW X5 are available in both rankings, suitable for drivers of different heights.

For example, the driver’s seat on the 2020 model year 7 series has 18-way power adjustment, such as height increase and decrease, recline, an extendable seat, adjustable backrest or separate headrest. The driver of the Volvo XC90 model can also adjust the seats 12-way.

Exchange with Fox News, represent Consumer Reports said many models are not suitable for both tall and medium-sized drivers due to the lack of seat adjustment. In addition, many pickup models are difficult to enter the cabin, even with steps up and down.

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